Depression Recovery

An integrative exploration of treating depression: root causes, lifestyle factors, techniques for behavioral changes, examining distortions, stress management. This is a very active approach to transforming depression and improving overall cognitive health. 8 Week intensive, this is a faith based curriculum, $40/session + initial supplies

Embracing Wholeness

Examining what it takes to grow in courage, enhance relationships and accepting yourself, ‘flaws and all’. We are limiting the group to 8 individuals so there will be an opportunity to discuss and process. This is an active process with some reading and journaling/writing. Meeting for 8 weeks, 1.5 hours/education & process. $40/session

Connections* Brene Brown

Topics include defining shame practicing empathy exploring triggers and vulnerabilities practicing critical awareness reaching out to others creating, embracing, and inspiring change. Connections engages clients on a cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal level. Clients learn via group and personal exercises, handouts, and reading assignments. Meeting for 12 weeks, 1.5 hours $40/session + purchase of book

Boundaries & Codependent Patterns

Identify patterns that may keep you ‘stuck’. Learn what healthy boundaries are and are not. Often there are elements of codependency that impact relationships, we will examine how this affects so many aspects of our lives. This is educational and process oriented. Daytime Thursdays 12:00PM-1:30. Meeting for 6 weeks, 1.5 hours, $40/session