My name is Tamara Ljubisic and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor by the State of Texas.
My graduate work in Counseling was done at Dallas Baptist University.  My undergraduate work focused on a double major in Business Management & Psychology.

It is my desire to make a difference in the lives of those I work with mind, body & spirit.  I do not think healing occurs in a bubble and treat people as whole, multifaceted beings.  I look at all of you and offer a 3D approach to your goals.  With a focus on ‘mind,’ this speaks to my formal training as well as informal learning, to walk with you as you explore the opportunity to grow.  With a focus on ‘body’, it is important to recognize that our body is as much a vehicle to change and balance as our mind.  I have been studying yoga, nutrition and somatic processing in addition to talk therapy, as it is only a part of the journey.  ‘Spirit’ is vital as it is my belief that we are not ‘soulless’ creatures that are born for a human experience but truly a dynamic mind-body-spirit interplay that requires balance to experience true peace and freedom.  It may be in the form of religion or spiritual exploration, I honor the path you are on and will work with you where you are.

When I work with a client it is often because a crisis has occurred and the pain of that situation is greater than the resources available.  My training is diverse in that I have worked in non profit agencies: Jewish Family Services & The Turning Point, PHP/IOP settings at Meier Clinics and in private practice.  What I have learned is that we all face difficult or stagnant times, no one person has all the answers and having a safe place to process thoughts and feelings does make a difference.  It has been a blessing to do my own work towards wholeness and I never ask something I am not or have not been willing to do personally.

Areas of Specialized Skills:

  •     Depression Recovery Director/Facilitator
  •     EMDR I & II, Chronic Pain, Addiction
  •     DBT Advanced Training
  •     Dance of the Sexes & Covenant Lovers Workshop Facilitator
  •     Sex Therapist, ABCST
  •     Yoga, Dallas Yoga Center trained
  •     Prepare/Enrich Facilitator
  •     Trauma/Abuse: Physical, Emotional, Sexual & Neglect
  •     Formal Disclosures
  •     Verbal & Non Verbal Communication, Public Speaking
  •     Codependent/Dependent Relationship Patterns
  •     Boundaries/Shame/Anxiety
  •     Infertility/Pain/Desire Discrepancy/Sex Ed.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you!  If you would like to schedule an appointment for an initial assessment please fill out the form on the contact page or leave me a message at (214) 952-2455.