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Therapy is a unique experience and I believe in the power of finding the right therapist.  It matters in the outcome.  Having a good alliance with your therapist offers you a chance to explore patterns and really be intentional about what is and is not working.  My thought around doing ‘the work’ is that it requires strength to seek ‘help’.  It isn’t easy to trust that someone will really listen and understand where you have been and where you want to go.  This position is important to me, I seek to understand my clients.

None of us escapes this life unscathed.  It is unfortunate that most people’s greatest growth comes from the more difficult times in our lives.   It doesn’t have to be- some people choose to enhance and expand while life is running smoothly.  Often though, it is sadness or literal pain that propels us to look for something different.

I am a big believer that the saying ‘Doing the same thing expecting different results’ is what most of us experience without a guide.  Only you can choose how to move forward.

About Tamara Ljubisic

My name is Tamara Ljubisic and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor by the State of Texas.

My graduate work in Counseling was done at Dallas Baptist University.  My undergraduate work focused on a double major in Business Management & Psychology.