Spring forward

It has been spring for a while now yet so many people are experiencing continued winter conditions, and many are wondering how it got to be April so quickly.  I for one certainly connect with the later.  April, taxes & yes, having to begin thinking of summer and all that brings with it.

With your best efforts are you keeping up?  Is there a time when you sense there is ‘too much’ on your plate?

If you can relate to any of these sentiments, what do you do?  In my experience it takes time to shift routines and being consistent is key.  Many people have the ability to manage many things but there is a breaking point.  As summer begins to sneak up, consider making a list of needs to address.  This is a time that can present additional stress trying to manage resources to address schedules, activities, work, family, self care and a host of other items.

If you are a list keeper, statistically you are more likely to accomplish your goals.  Most people feel like they get a ‘win’ to see the list getting smaller.  It may benefit you to consider what this last ‘burst’ of spring may allow you to accomplish that summer time may not.  Several of my clients have mentioned planting gardens and planning family trips.  Others have stated they want to organize closets and trade winter clothes for summer, file paperwork and eliminate clutter.  Whatever may be on your list…choose to review your list and take action.  The magic is in doing.  If you need help, ask for it.

Take time to make a list, take action and you will find an increase of well being.  We all struggle with the felt feeling when we know something and do nothing about it.  Take time to enjoy your accomplishments.  Consider putting you on that list.  You can give more to those you love, to the work that you do when you take time to care for yourself.

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